G. Hang Industrial Limited


We translate your vision into reality!!


Launched in 1994, G. Hang is a reputable manufacturer of premium quality tin-boxes. We are well-known for the sophistication and conscientiousness of our product-making, as well as the punctuality of the delivery we have committed to our customers. Over the past decade, G. Hang has overcome a lot of technical hardship in producing extraordinary tin-boxes that serve different purposes and what makes us distinctive in the industry, is our spirit in meeting new challenges and endeavor to explore possibilities in all kinds of tin-making. We bridge the gap between OEM and ODM manufacturing and we do not only make according to your instructions, but also providing you with our expertise to accentuate the uniqueness of your products.




All of our customers are multi-national companies with a major distribution in Europe, such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France etc. Having worked with international brands like Lindt, Leonidas, Lambertz, Hallmark, Mont Blanc and Cavallini all these years, we understand the essential factors that lead to a company’s success, are the Products, Services and Commitment to customers. We believe in sharing and working with our customer, always see their needs as ours, so that we can both grow together as we head down the road.

In the near future, we are expecting to bring our business further up by developing R & D and Engineering Teams to create and apply innovative ideas on tin-makings and also to increase the yearly productivity in meeting the rapidly growing demand.


The Factory


In June 2009, our wholly-owned factory, G. Hang (Dongguan) Metal Manufacturing Limited, has been re-located to a newly established facility in Shipai, Dongguan China. Occupying more than 8,000 sq. meters, we are well-facilitated to produce 10,000,000 tins / year, which is 4 times as much as our past capacity. Besides, we have a few other long-term partner-facilities in the area, employing over 1,000 workers, that provide full support to us in tin-printings, food-packaging and accessories supply. Together we formed a professional and reliable supply-chain that produces high quality and consistent products.


Quality Certificates & International Safety Tests


Our factory continues to demonstrate the ability of complying international quality standards and social responsiblities. Not onlythat we are now ISO9001:2008 certified, and with BSCI and Disney COC Audits scheduled in Q1-2010; Per customer's requests, tins can also be sent to accredited laboratory such as Intertek and SGS, for safety tests including LFGB (Germany), FDA (USA), SVHC Screening [REACH] and EN-71 (Part 1, 2, 3).  Our tins have been repeatedly proven to be safe for chemical sensitive products like food and toys.