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Living in this eco-friendly generation, consumers tend to select products either with a minimal packaging, or packaging that can be re-used again and tin-box is a perfect choice for you.


Metals demonstrate an impression of preciousness, stylishness, elegance and durablity. An exquisite tin-box does not only make your product sparkled, but also a good way to advertize your brand when it is being passed among friends as a gift or along in generations as a collectible.



  1. Tins applications are never limited
    .Biscuits & Confectionery
    .Gifts & Premiums
    .Liquor & Tobacco
    .Jewelry & Watch 
    .Toys & Gismos
    .Health & Beauty Products 
    .Home Decorations & Seasonal Items
    .Stationery & Paper Products

  2. Ease and Tidy in StorageWe have both SEAMED and SEAMLESS tin bottoms that allow you to stack or display them in any ways you wanted, it's safe and space-saving; or you may select the roll-in / curl-in bottom for its elegance.

  3. Hard & DurableTin plates come in different grades of thickness and temper that serve all kinds of sizes and purposes. Tins packaging is relatively harder and more durable, and it can prevent the contents contained from damages and deformation. Blisters and flocking can also be added to the interior of the tins, to stabilize and enhance the protection of your product.

  4. High MalleabilityTins can be formed in various sizes and shapes through the process of stamping and pressing. We are also capable of mixing and matching tins with other materials, such as rhinestones, plastic and synthetic leather etc. We could also present the tins in a creative way like a toy car or a music box by adding a few pieces of mechanics and gear boxes.

  5. High Precision in artwork transferringWith our meticulous film development technology and printing techniques, the individual personality of the designer can be completely revealed through the graphics created on the tins. We can even transfer a hand-drawing or sketch onto a tin.





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